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We've experienced a collective global 
trauma like which the world hasn't seen 
in this lifetime. 55% of 
Americans want to change jobs. 
Rates of depression have tripled in the U.S. 
It's been 18 months of constant:
* Worry
* Confusion
* Overwhelm
* Isolation
* Disconnection
Discover the Person You Are, Not the Person You Were.
So many people talk about wanting to go back to “the way things were” before the pandemic...but the truth is, we’re not the people we were before the pandemic.
We’ve changed. We’ve learned. We’ve hurt. We’ve experienced a shared trauma that has shaped our future.
The Reclaim Your Self Retreat isn’t about finding the person you were - it’s about discovering the person you are now.
Looking forward, not looking back.
The Retreat will help you develop the skills and will give you the tools to help you cope with the world continuing to be unstable - by reconnecting with your Self at a soul level. 

Give Yourself the Time and Attention You Deserve

We’ve spent so much of the last 18 months focused on others - keeping our families safe, helping our children learn, accommodating technology in our daily lives, and in a constant state of uncertainty.
Now is the time to show up for yourself, to commit to taking care of yourself in the same way you commit to taking care of others...for just 21 minutes each day.
Here’s how the Retreat will flow:
  • Week 1: Letting Go - The first week of the Retreat will focus on letting go. You'll hear from Guides on topics like forgiveness, decluttering your mind, sleep, breathwork, and more...
  • Week 2: Nurturing Self - Once we've let go of the past, it's time to embrace the present. Week 2 will focus on nurturing the self through discovering our passion and purpose, setting boundaries, practicing compassion and self-communication, developing resilience, and more.
  • Week 3: Going Within - We will dive deep within to examine how to cultivate authentically, tap into our creativity, listen to our intuition, use tension and discomfort to get to know ourselves at a soul level.

Frequently Asked Questions

The recordings of each session will be uploaded to a membership portal through which you can access them at any time. You’ll receive your membership login information once you’ve registered for the Retreat.
The live presentations will take place on Zoom. You’ll receive an email with the Zoom link each day prior to the session.  
Guides are often called coaches, mentors, counselors, therapists, teachers, healers – they have many names. Guides offer more than just information that can be learned in a book. They possess wisdom born from experience. Guides are people who seek the goodness in others and know how to draw out their potential. And Guidely is bringing them all together on a single, unifying platform to share their gifts with the world.
Guidely is a digital platform that specializes in creating personalized matches between Guides and people who are invested in their personal growth. It makes finding the right fit for your needs simple so you can focus on what’s most important – your wellbeing.
Our mission is to help enrich people’s lives by connecting them with transformational Guides who can support them on a journey of self-discovery and growth. We feature Guides from around the world, trained in a variety of personal growth and spiritual development practices, to help you overcome any obstacle and step forward into your future with the skills and tools needed to design the life of your dreams. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions
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